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      WELCOME TO ZCCCT!Contact us:export@zccct.com
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      Our selling points: Access to the entire added value chain in carbide production


      2020 is destined to be an “extraordinary”year. Our global allies fighting side by side are facing the same difficulties and we need each other more than ever.

      As the key enterprise of China Minmetals Corporation, which owns one fifth of China's tungsten resources and one third of China's Cemented Carbide output, we have access to the entire added value chain in carbide production. This unique selling point begins with access to own raw material mines and ends with coated precision tooling. This allows for superior price / performance ratio.

      ZCCCT will bring more space for cost reduction to the metal working industry in 2020 to cope with the huge challenges posed by Covin-19.

      In the course of the year, our EMP09 series for square shoulder milling has got great spotlight worldwide. The new indexable insert drill system ZSD with SPMX inserts for improved surface quality will come onto the market. Super cost-effective parting and grooving inserts and general milling inserts are on the road.

      Do you need any more information? Contact one of our engineers.

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